It’s eating disorder awareness week, I have been watching the stories and pictures emerge on social media with a thoughtful eye, wondering whether it was time to tell my story. I am writing this not for my ego, but in the hope that my story might help someone, whether it is someone who is suffering […]

Having spent a fair few months of my life paralysed by fear, being driven to act destructively as a result of fear, it is a feeling I have got to know very well. I still would not choose to invite fear over for dinner but I am comfortable with it as an acquaintance. Whilst fear […]

If, like me you prefer buying fresh produce at a farmers market rather than a refrigerated supermarket, Melbourne is a great place to live! There are three main markets I am aware of – the Queen Victorian Market, South Melbourne Market and Prahan Market. There are other smaller and moving markets which are open less […]

Mediterranean and Middle Eastern inspired food is by far my favoured cuisine. The flavours are always fresh and powerful with rich tomato and tahini based sauces, plenty of fresh herbs and a world of fresh and dry spices to choose from. A dish that caught my eye last summer when perusing through ‘Jerusalem’ by Yotam […]

  There aren’t many people I know who wouldn’t agree that brunch is the best meal of the day. Being a combination of breakfast and lunch you can pretty much get away with eating anything from stacked pancakes with ice cream and maple syrup to baked eggs in spicy tomato sauce. You can have desert […]

Having now settled in Melbourne and found myself a great job at ‘the city wine shop’, a cafe by day, wine bar by night (actually from about mid day!), and wine shop, I am starting to feel as though I’ve lived here for years. I have to keep reminding myself to make the most of […]

As soon as I saw Melbourne in the light for the first time I noticed the vast array of eateries, cafes and restaurants on offer. There is a huge variety of cuisine to choose from but there are definitely a few influences which stand out and dominate the food scene out here. Being in the […]

  As you may well be aware most of my baking is done for a special occasion, so a good friends birthday is no different. With friends birthdays, although I use it as an excuse to bake, I like to make something that the recipient is really going to love. Every time I make a […]

Curator’s Coffee Curator’s coffee is like finding a brightly coloured gem stuck in a tarmac road. The turquoise coffee machine and grinders, sunny faces of the Australian barista’s and simplicity of this tiny on-the-corner coffee shop has such a charm, especially when compared to the grey, glass, high rise buildings of the City of London. If the […]

Having a large family is great, you are never without someone to talk to or irritate! One of the few downsides, however, is the number of birthday presents require on an annual basis. The first three months of the year consume the bulk of these presents in my family, so between Christmas and mother’s day, three birthdays […]