Monthly Archives: December 2012

Post Christmas 5:2 Diet.

I didn’t feel overly stuffed this Christmas. I think it’s because I have spent December stretching my stomach to prepare myself for the decadency of Christmas day. I have now gorged on hot chocolate, cheese and cake for a month – it has been fun but I think it might be time to get my healthy […]

Annual Mince Pie Making

Well Christmas seems to be taking over my life, but I think that has something to do with working in a Deli. I mean what is the festive season about if not food. Mince pies, Christmas pudding, Christmas cake.. SO MUCH DRIED FRUIT. And I am a sucker for dried fruit unfortunately.. I don’t think it’s any better for you […]

Christmas Granola

Granola always feels like a bit of a treat, but maybe that’s because shop-bought varieties are full of sugar. It is so easy and so much healthier to make yourself that I feel like I couldn’t ever treat myself to a shop bought variety. I have spent about 3 months testing and adapting a number of […]

Plums and Frosty Mornings

Most people hate the cold weather and would rather it was 30 degrees all year round (not that London ever reaches temperatures like that!) but not me. I love cold, clear, crisp, frosty mornings, and, when possible, I couldn’t enjoy anything more than going out for a long old walk on these mornings. The other […]

Christmas Chocolate Truffles – A Time To Indulge

I find it just impossible to eat healthily in December. The short cold days make it hard to want anything other than the mince pies, chocolates and hearty stews on offer to comfort us. Although I enjoy working, being surrounded by amazing food and people indulging themselves all day long makes me want to just […]

Best Banana Cake (Ever)

Banana’s don’t usually last long enough in my house to be made into anything other than breakfast. Sometimes, however, I get lucky and they start turning brown too quickly so no one wants to eat them.. these are happy days for me. Banana cake is just so sweet and dense and moist and delicious – […]

The Good Food Show 11/11/2012

  One Friday evening back in sunny (NOT!) August, I was eating delicious roast lamb at my Grandma’s house when my aunt said she could get us discounted tickets for BBC Good Food Show. Obviously I jumped at the chance. November came around fast – perhaps a little too fast – and having heard rave […]