Monthly Archives: March 2013

Coffee Review No. 2: Curator’s, Association and Quarter Horse.

Curator’s Coffee Curator’s coffee is like finding a brightly coloured gem stuck in a tarmac road. The turquoise coffee machine and grinders, sunny faces of the Australian barista’s and simplicity of this tiny on-the-corner coffee shop has such a charm, especially when compared to the grey, glass, high rise buildings of the City of London. If the […]

A Mothers Day Affair

Having a large family is great, you are never without someone to talk to or irritate! One of the few downsides, however, is the number of birthday presents require on an annual basis. The first three months of the year consume the bulk of these presents in my family, so between Christmas and mother’s day, three birthdays […]

Food Outside London: The Russell Arms (Aylesbury)

Rambling is not often an activity loved by typical city girls who have grown up in the busy cosmopolitan environment of London. One of the greatest assets to London, in my mind, are the parks; the amount of green space available in even the most central areas of London is so special. Having said this, after exploring Hampstead […]

Birthday (Peanut Butter!) Brownies

I’ve always thought that having your birthday on Christmas day must be rubbish because it isn’t a special day just for you. When people ever asked me if my brother minded having his birthday on Valentines Day I hadn’t considered it in quite the same way. This year, however, the little one’s birthday did get […]

London Food Scene: Maltby Street

Borough market is well known for its buzzing atmosphere, enthusiastic stall holders and volume of high quality global produce. Should you want something slightly more charming and niche it might be worth taking a turn in the other direction up St Thomas’ street, until you hit the old railway arches of Druid Street. It is refreshing to […]