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Melbourne Markets and Lemon Trees

If, like me you prefer buying fresh produce at a farmers market rather than a refrigerated supermarket, Melbourne is a great place to live! There are three main markets I am aware of – the Queen Victorian Market, South Melbourne Market and Prahan Market. There are other smaller and moving markets which are open less […]

Banana Cake With Peanut Butter Frosting

  As you may well be aware most of my baking is done for a special occasion, so a good friends birthday is no different. With friends birthdays, although I use it as an excuse to bake, I like to make something that the recipient is really going to love. Every time I make a […]

A Mothers Day Affair

Having a large family is great, you are never without someone to talk to or irritate! One of the few downsides, however, is the number of birthday presents require on an annual basis. The first three months of the year consume the bulk of these presents in my family, so between Christmas and mother’s day, three birthdays […]

Birthday (Peanut Butter!) Brownies

I’ve always thought that having your birthday on Christmas day must be rubbish because it isn’t a special day just for you. When people ever asked me if my brother minded having his birthday on Valentines Day I hadn’t considered it in quite the same way. This year, however, the little one’s birthday did get […]

Revision and Raisin Rocks (Brain Food)

Revision is not fun at any age, but I imagine the pressure of GCSE’s for a 15 year old boy who simply wants to play drums and basketball probably makes you want to do anything but work! I arrived home buzzing after a great spinning session on Saturday morning keen to bake something to make […]

Annual Mince Pie Making

Well Christmas seems to be taking over my life, but I think that has something to do with working in a Deli. I mean what is the festive season about if not food. Mince pies, Christmas pudding, Christmas cake.. SO MUCH DRIED FRUIT. And I am a sucker for dried fruit unfortunately.. I don’t think it’s any better for you […]

Christmas Granola

Granola always feels like a bit of a treat, but maybe that’s because shop-bought varieties are full of sugar. It is so easy and so much healthier to make yourself that I feel like I couldn’t ever treat myself to a shop bought variety. I have spent about 3 months testing and adapting a number of […]