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Living In an Eating Disorder vs. Living With an Eating Disorder

It’s eating disorder awareness week, I have been watching the stories and pictures emerge on social media with a thoughtful eye, wondering whether it was time to tell my story. I am writing this not for my ego, but in the hope that my story might help someone, whether it is someone who is suffering […]

Brief thoughts on Fear and Procrastination

Having spent a fair few months of my life paralysed by fear, being driven to act destructively as a result of fear, it is a feeling I have got to know very well. I still would not choose to invite fear over for dinner but I am comfortable with it as an acquaintance. Whilst fear […]

Aubergines, Ottolenghi, and Spelt.

Aubergines are in my top 10 favourite foods, without question – Possibly in my top three! Smokey, bitter, sweet, smooth, seedy, simply delicious. They are so versatile and there are so many ways you can incorporate them into dishes – bake them, stuff them, grill them, fry them, roast them, blitz them, mash them, the options are […]

Post Christmas 5:2 Diet.

I didn’t feel overly stuffed this Christmas. I think it’s because I have spent December stretching my stomach to prepare myself for the decadency of Christmas day. I have now gorged on hot chocolate, cheese and cake for a month – it has been fun but I think it might be time to get my healthy […]

Spelt 101

The most important thing I’ve learnt from spending hours flicking through recipe books is that recipes with context are often the most appealing. It would be tragic to list endless tasty spelt recipes and not explain how I came to bake using this fine grain. A couple of years ago my lovely mother decided that by cutting […]

First Impressions

So I guess my first post should be an epic piece showcasing what I’m all about. Well.. at only 22 I don’t yet know what that is so I can only explain myself thus far. I love food. Now I know a lot of people love food, but when people talk to me about produce, […]